How to keep the real Moon landing myth alive

The first of two lunar landing hoaxes, this video claims the moon landing was faked by a space agency and the first man to walk on the moon.

The second hoax video claims astronauts and their crews had faked the moon landings in the 1960s.

It’s not clear who was behind the first video, but the video was produced by an Australian man who goes by the name of Michael Johnson.

It features footage of NASA astronauts and some crew members walking on the surface of the moon in 1966.

The video was released by the organization Moonshot, which claims to have more than 20 million subscribers and has been widely circulated on social media.

The group also posted a video in November with a similar message.

In the first hoax video, NASA astronauts walk on an ice floe on the Moon in the 1970s.

Johnson claimed the moon was the birthplace of humans and that they had faked their landing.

Johnson said his video was inspired by a meeting he had with NASA’s director, Jim Irwin, at a conference in 1978.

He also said that during the 1970 Apollo missions, the moon had a magnetic field that enabled people to see and hear the moon from the ground.

Johnson said he found a video showing a video of astronauts on the ground in 1976.

The next video, published in March by Moonshot and titled “Moon landing: the most famous hoax of all time,” shows the same video, with the NASA astronauts walking on a field on the far side of the lunar surface in 1966 and 1972.

A NASA spokesman said the agency could not confirm whether Johnson was the one who posted the video.

The Moon landing hoax videos have been around since at least 2003, when a video surfaced on YouTube of astronauts walking in the footsteps of a man who appeared to be the first to walk to the moon and who was later identified as Johnson.

The latest video was posted to the group’s Facebook page in late November.

The group has been making videos that claim to be based on real news articles, including an article in The New York Times that alleged the moon wasn’t even inhabited until the 1960’s.

Johnson also made videos claiming the moon’s magnetic field had been used by extraterrestrials to see the moon when the moon could have been covered by ice.

A group called Moon Hunters claimed the video featured real footage of the Apollo 11 landing.

The moon hoax video posted to Moonshot’s Facebook is called “The Moon’s No Longer a Colony,” and it shows the moon, with a moon rock, hovering over the Earth in a video taken from the Apollo missions.

It features footage from NASA astronauts on Earth, including NASA astronaut Eugene Cernan and Apollo 11 astronaut John Young.

The video was taken in 1965 and shows a view of the Earth from space.

It has been viewed more than 1 million times and has received over 1.6 million likes.

The original video that was featured in a 2016 video by Moon Hunters is titled “Lunar Landing: The most famous fake.”

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