How the world’s top kpop artists got paid for their work

When you’re an aspiring musician, the best way to make a living is by selling music to your fans.

And while it’s easy to see how that can become a business model for the likes of Kanye West, J-Hope and Kim Se-yeol, the biggest problem with the idea of artists being paid by the people they want to reach is that it doesn’t actually happen.

While artists are allowed to earn money from their music, they aren’t able to earn anything if they don’t sell anything.

In fact, there’s no law in the US that prohibits the selling of their own music on YouTube, meaning that artists don’t have to sell their music on iTunes or Spotify, where it can earn anywhere from $0.04 to $2.70 per thousand views.

And despite how big YouTube is in terms of subscribers and revenue, the vast majority of the content is made by the companies themselves, which is where the income comes from.

“It’s pretty rare that we actually get paid for our music,” said rapper Lando Vannucci, who has been working with the likes on his own YouTube channel for the past three years.

“So it’s a pretty small amount, so that’s the reason why people aren’t really happy about it.”

When it comes to money, it’s all about the distribution.

“I’ve made $4,000 in royalties from my music, I’ve sold more than 1.8 million albums, and I’ve made more than $7.5 million in the last year,” he explained.

“The biggest portion of my earnings are from my videos and music videos.”

While there are plenty of other ways that artists can make money, like being signed to labels or recording for TV shows, Vannucic said that the biggest way he sees a business moving forward is with the distribution of their music.

“Music is the next big thing,” he said.

“If we could distribute our music in the same way we distribute films and television shows, we would be making a lot of money.

If we could do that with the same amount of effort and time, we could potentially create an amazing business model.”

Lando Vitti, one of the best known kpop performers, has been in the industry for 20 years and has a very different outlook to most.

“I would rather see the distribution as just a business and not something that has an economic value,” he told The Huffington, “Because the business value of music is the way that it’s received.

You want to create the perception that the music is going to be appreciated and be listened to.

It’s not just going to get played on the radio and downloaded, and if that’s what you want, it has no economic value.”

And if we could sell our music on the internet, and people could just download it and listen to it and get their money’s worth, that’s a better business model than being on YouTube.

“With more and more people streaming their music over the internet and downloading it, the way artists are getting paid for it is changing.”

The whole internet thing, I think, is a really bad thing.

I think it’s bad for the artists,” said Lando, who explained that a lot artists want to keep the money they earn by selling their music for the fans they already have.”

If we can just distribute the money from the fans who bought our music, that would be great, but it’s not like we have to take that risk.

I don’t want to be like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t even make enough money to live.’ “

As an artist, I want to make money because it’s something I can actually live my life and be happy about.

I don’t want to be like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t even make enough money to live.’

I want people to enjoy my music.

I want fans to come and watch it and be part of it.”

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