Which is more important, having a good job or having a great job?

This week’s question: Which is the more important quality of a job: having a job or an enjoyable job?

As the economy continues to struggle, the answer is a resounding yes.

The latest data shows the average weekly earnings for full-time, part-time workers rose to $1,942 in March, up from $1 and a half in February.

Meanwhile, the unemployment rate, which is now 10.3%, has declined from 4.7% in February to 3.7%.

While a big part of the job gains in March have come in the service sector, there are other jobs where people are seeing a return to paychecks.

A new report from the Institute for Supply Management found that retail sales in March increased at the fastest pace in six months, and sales of food and beverages, which includes all items except cigarettes, rose at the highest pace since August 2016.

In February, food and beverage sales accounted for just 13% of total sales.

But in March the restaurant sector accounted for 40% of sales, up 6%.

“The trend for restaurant sales has been to pick up, as more restaurants have opened and fewer have closed,” says Paul J. Bierut, senior economist at the institute.

“The restaurant sector is showing a more positive picture than it did in 2016.

The restaurant industry has also seen a surge in restaurant employment in the last several months, but we are still not seeing a big return in restaurants as we normally would.”

For many Americans, the job market is getting better.

The unemployment rate is now 5.9%, down from 6.6% in December, and the jobless rate is lower in the U.S. than at any time since early 2008.

The number of Americans with a job fell to a seasonally adjusted low of 8.6 million in February, down from 9.1 million in January.

But a more recent report from ADP found that the number of jobs created by new hires in March fell to 4.8 million from 5.7 million in March.

So far this year, the number has risen only slightly, but there is plenty of room for growth.

“We’re still very far from a full recovery,” says Robert E. Higgs, chief economist at ADP.

“There are still a lot of things we need to address, but the unemployment level is down significantly, and we’re now well above the trend of the last six years.”

In the past few years, some companies have begun to make the transition from temporary employees to full-timers, but many of those companies are now struggling to stay afloat.

The ADP report noted that in March 2017, the average hourly wage for all workers in the private sector rose to just $26.70.

The median hourly wage was $23.50 in February and is expected to rise to $25 by March.

But for those at the top of the wage scale, there’s still not enough to eat.

The average hourly pay for CEOs and chief operating officers in March was $107,845, up 1.6%.

But for the average worker, that number has gone down 3.3% over the past year.

The index for hourly earnings for non-supervisory workers also fell in March to $20.11, down 2.6%, as the average salary for full time workers rose just $20,200 to $41,700.

But that increase was offset by the fall in the average wage for fulltime employees in the retail, wholesale and restaurant sectors.

And in the health care and personal care industries, the share of the workers who earn more than $100,000 was 4.9% in March and is projected to rise in the next two years. As the U

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