How to get an $800,000 golf cart in a single day

The video is about to become a meme.

And if you’ve seen the clip, you’ll probably think, “Hey, I’ve seen this before.”

The clip is an inside look at the $800K Golf Cart that was put on display at the Los Angeles Marathon in March.

It shows the car driving around a parking lot.

As the video shows, it was being driven by an 18-year-old man named Andrew.

It’s been shared over 100,000 times on Facebook and the clip has been shared by hundreds of other runners.

Andrew and his family moved to the United States from Uganda in 2007.

In 2009, Andrew bought a car, and in the next two years, he bought two cars.

In 2013, Andrew went to the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, where he built a prototype of a GPS receiver that could send data to a mobile phone or tablet.

The device connected to a smart phone app that would connect to his GPS.

After months of testing, Andrew’s device connected with his phone and gave him GPS coordinates to his new home.

But there were limitations.

The device had to be waterproof, as it would only be able to track a vehicle for a short period of time.

There had to also be a way to connect the GPS receiver to a laptop or tablet computer.

Andrew was looking for a solution that could connect with his mobile phone, so he looked at GPS tracking services like Apple Maps and Google Maps.

Andrew’s GPS device was able to send GPS coordinates, but it was also limited to only a small portion of the sky.

So Andrew needed to find another way to use the device.

Andrew decided to build a golf cart to go around the parking lot at the Marathon.

He had a plan.

He purchased an old, old golf cart and took it to the Marathon for a few days.

He put a few hundred dollars into the cart and bought two more.

He then used the money to purchase a third golf cart.

After two days of racing, the third cart had a GPS location that Andrew could use.

Andrew put the third golf set up near the parking garage and used it to drive around the lot for about an hour.

Andrew then bought a GPS device to track the car and the car drove around for another hour.

When the third set of golfers arrived, Andrew drove around the Marathon parking lot for a total of about two hours.

He returned to his home and got the GPS device for a third time.

Then the fourth set of Golfers arrived.

Andrew drove around in the parking lots for about two and a half hours.

Then Andrew drove back to his house.

When he got back to the house, he used the GPS to find his location and started to race.

The video was recorded over the course of a few hours, but Andrew told the Los Angles Times that he finished the race in about an an hour and 40 minutes.

Andrew then took his GPS device with him to the marathon, where it was placed in a box that he filled with water.

The box was then left out for about four days, with Andrew still using the GPS data to drive the car around the marathon course.

When Andrew and his wife, Michelle, returned to their home in New Jersey, they found their GPS device.

Andrew said that he didn’t realize how much data had been lost until the GPS tracking device was returned to him.

Andrew is a high school senior from New Jersey and has been working as a software engineer for a large insurance company.

He told the Times that the GPS tracker on his car was still running, and he would be able set up another GPS tracker for future races.

He told the newspaper that his wife has already begun to learn how to use it.

The couple has not been able to make any money out of their business since the golf cart was placed on display, and they plan to keep their company going.

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