‘I was a complete idiot’: I was an idiot when I bought my land

“Land of illusions” is a book by Stephen Baxter. 

The author was a property developer, and had purchased a parcel of land in a remote corner of England’s northwest. 

He called it “Baxterland”, which means “my land”. 

But Baxter’s land was also, like his name, imaginary. 

In fact, it was owned by a different person. 

It was a real-estate scam.

In this post, Baxter recounts how he bought his land, then paid the price he paid for it.

Baxter said: I sold the land and went to buy another one. 

I was like: “Oh my God, it’s been sold!” 

It took me about six months to get the land, but I was sold. 

But it was not an easy decision. 

“I felt like I’d lost my mind,” Baxter says.

“I felt guilty about the purchase, and about my own stupidity.”

So Baxter, who has since left the property, decided to take matters into his own hands. 

When he bought the land in 1998, he put the original purchase price of £150,000 (about US$220,000) on the register. 

That was before the Internet made it easy to buy land for less than the real price. 

So Baxter was surprised when he bought for £2.5 million, only to sell for £9.9 million. 

And that was just in the first five years. 

Baxter’s mistake cost him £1.5m. 

Now Baxter, a real estate agent and property specialist, is trying to make amends for his error. 

His book, “The Land of the Imagination”, was published in November 2018.

“I want people to know that the real estate scams are not limited to the UK,” he says. 

However, he says the fraud is widespread. 

Read more about Baxter’s story:What is the real-world value of a property?

It is not just land that is used for scams. 

For example, real-life experiences are used as a part of the scam. 

To buy a house, for example, you have to ask around, find people who live there and ask them to verify that the property is theirs. 

Then, you must go to the property and make the purchase.

Beth Johnson, a property expert at the University of York, said she has dealt with the real world value of property and says people should look into how much a property will sell for, as opposed to the price of it. 

Johnson said the average sale price of a house is around £2m.She said: If you don’t look at it carefully, the house will be worth nothing. 

People will look at the house and say, “That looks like a great deal”. 

What are the scams?

What is a real property scam?

“I have had to deal with the land purchase, but there are also scams of buying real estate,” says Baxter.

You might think the real value of the property might be much higher, but it is only part of what is happening. 

A scam involves a person asking someone else to sign a deed to a property, then selling the property. 

Once you have the deed, the person is allowed to put the property in a trust. 

This can happen for several reasons, including to buy a property and give it to a family member, or to sell a property for cash. 

How do you know if a property is real?

You can’t actually see it, so the only way to know if the property really is yours is to see it.

You could buy it on the spot or through an auction. 

If the property you are selling is real, you should go to a realtor to verify its authenticity. 

Real estate agents can also check on the validity of the deeds. 

Can real estate agents steal real estate?

Yes, but they are not always the only ones who do this.

Baxter says there are scams to sell real estate without a real title. 

One is to use a fake mortgage or a fake company to get a mortgage. 

Another is to buy an apartment without a valid deed, then rent it out to another person.

“It’s a scam,” says Johnson. 

Who is behind these scams?

Baxter has spoken to more than 30 real estate brokers, who have told him about the scams.

He has also been told that real estate agencies and real estate managers are involved in real estate transactions. 

There are also real estate consultants, who are involved with the scams, and there are brokers who are not as aware of real estate. 

What can you do to help protect yourself?

“Real estate is a dangerous business,” Baxter warns.

“If you think about the value of your real estate, the value can be much more

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