Land rover discovery on Mars could lead to new life on Earth

Land rover discoveries on Mars are always exciting, and this one is no exception.

The landing site on Mars is the site where the rover Curiosity first touched down in August.

It was here that the rover’s robotic arm picked up rocks that were then brought to a surface that is much smaller than the one it had just landed on.

It is a discovery that will help us to understand the planet that we share with the rest of the universe, the team at NASA said in a press release on Sunday.

It’s also important to understand how the rocks were made, the mission team said.

The team at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, have found evidence that the rocks they are analyzing are made up of a mixture of silicates, minerals, and other organic matter.

They found a small number of the minerals in the soil that had been mixed with sandstone.

It is thought that the mixture of the silicates and sandstone resulted in a very small, porous rock.

This is a composite image of Curiosity’s landing site at Mars, which is now part of the Gale Crater.

It has been mapped and analyzed by JPL.

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS/USGS/Malin Space Science SystemsThe rover is currently exploring a location known as Gale Craters Gale Craton, which was once a huge mountain range that rose to about 15 miles (24 kilometers) above sea level.

That’s because the area is a lot like Earth’s.

So, when the rover arrived at Gale Cratons location, it was about 4.7 miles (7 kilometers) below the surface, and was about 3 miles (4 kilometers) uphill.

This is where the rocks in the study are.JPL researchers found that the soil on Mars contains a lot of silica, or silicate rocks.

This silica has been mined and chemically altered to make it more resistant to the elements of water and oxygen that can be found in the atmosphere.

This silica is more dense than the silicate rock that Curiosity landed on, and that made the rock more stable.

When the rover touched down, the soil was more than 2 miles (3 kilometers) thick.

It also contained minerals that are normally found in sandstone, such as magnesium sulfate, silica and calcium sulfate.

These minerals are used to make the mineral-rich material that is known as the Martian sand.

Scientists know that Mars once had a wetter climate, and those conditions allowed water to evaporate into the atmosphere, where it was carried to the surface by winds and currents.

These winds then carried the water away from the land surface, which then formed lakes and rivers.

As the wind and currents changed, these lakes and the rivers dried up, and the lakebeds formed.

Over time, these ancient lakebed-forming processes are thought to have dried up and become covered with sediment.

This study is important because the rocks that we are studying are from these ancient lakes, so they will help to tell us about the geology of the planet’s ancient past, JPL researchers said in the release.

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