Why does the land of Nelson have a land mass?

Land of Nelson, an iconic Tasmanian island, has the largest land animal in the world, the Tasmanian Devil, and is home to some of the most iconic animals on earth.

However, this iconic island is home only to the smallest population of mainland rats in the Southern Hemisphere.

While the mainland population of Tasmanian devils is estimated to be between 20,000 and 50,000, the island of Nelson has only a few thousand of these wild rodents.

A study in the journal ZooKeys was commissioned by the Nelson Land Council to map out the distribution of rats across the island, and what it found was fascinating.

The study was based on a database of feral rats collected from the island by the Land Council.

The study found that in Nelson’s largest and densest island, at the time of the study, there were around 12,000 mainland rats, with a density of 2.2 rats per square metre.

This density is much lower than that found in mainland Australia, which has an average densities of up to 4.6 rats per sq. metre.

While the island is the largest in Australia, it is dwarfed by the mainland rat population in the South.

This is due to the fact that the island has a high density of feral cats, which can live for years in isolated, barren landscapes.

The mainland population can reach 1.2 animals per square kilometre, which is lower than the island’s density.

It is estimated that a population of the island can sustain a population size of between 20 and 30 animals per hectare, and the island currently has around 4.5 hectares of forest on it.

Despite the fact the island was named after Nelson Landes in 1878, the majority of the rats on the island are believed to have been brought to Nelson from mainland Australia by the Tasmanians in the 19th century.

However the rats are now only found on the southern end of the southern island, where they are also found in the forests of the Great Barrier Reef.

Although the island appears barren at the moment, there is an ongoing search underway for the rats that once roamed the island.

The island of New South Wales is one of the sites where the rats have been found, and this is due in part to the discovery of their carcasses.

New South Wales has an abundance of rats on it, with an estimated 1,000 animals per 100 hectares.

According to the New South Welsh Government, the population is estimated at about 1,200 animals per year.

This means that every year about 1.3 rats are collected and brought to the island to be killed.

The carcasses of the rodents are then buried and used to create a habitat for the island rats to live out their days.

This is also one of New Zealand’s most beautiful areas, and it has been named after the Island of Nelson.

In recent years, the number of rats found on Nelson has been steadily declining, and in 2016, the Land of the New Nelson was designated a protected species by the Department of Primary Industries.

Sources: The Times, ABC News, ABC New Zealand, The Guardian, ABC, The Conversation, ABC

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