Why you should know about crumps land rover and its ‘hairs’

Crumps landing in Australia has been revealed in a new book about the space exploration era.

The landing was made possible by a series of misfires by the lander, and an accident by the ground robot.

Its crew, including the rover’s driver and a flight engineer, had to get out of the craft and land.

“It is one of the most spectacular stories of space exploration,” said Simon Fraser University archaeologist Paul Latham.

There were six separate flights of the landers.

In the 1960s, they were used by the US and Soviet Union to explore a vast region in the Russian Far East, and in the early 1980s, the US was developing a lunar base at the moon’s southern pole.

However, in a series the landings were cancelled because of a fault in the rover.

During the last flight of the team, in 1991, it was destroyed by a rocket explosion.

It was discovered in the 1990s, but its story is shrouded in mystery.

Scientists were able to find the remains of the rover by tracing its tracks through the lunar soil.

Their report, published in the British Journal of Archaeology, found traces of the dust and mud from the landed landing.

Researchers believe it was a rover that landed in the crater.

As the land rover landed on the site, it came into contact with a large rock, which caused it to collide with the ground.

This caused a series, which took place over a period of years, that led to the landing.

Crumps rover and the rock impactThe team found traces in the soil of traces of dust and a large, rounded, hard rock, possibly a piece of a rover, which was smashed into the ground by the force of the impact.

They also found a series in the ground that took place at about the same time.

From these fragments, the researchers identified the rover as the one that crashed into the crater, with a hole in the side of the body, probably a rover body.

But they didn’t have the right kind of tools to confirm that, and the team had to rely on the original reports and photographs of the landing, to try and piece together the story.

After more than two years of investigating the story, they published their findings in a book, called Crumps Landing.

Mr Latham said the rover was a part of a large rover team that was working on the surface of the moon, which had been created by NASA’s Apollo program.

NASA was planning a lunar mission in the 1970s, and it was hoped they would land on the moon.

Dr Latham’s team did not find the rover in the original crater site, so it was believed that the team was planning to return to the site and look for the rover at the same location, but the crater site was destroyed.

Instead, the team went to another site on the Moon, and they came across a piece they thought was the rover that had been struck.

They thought that the rover might be the one in the site.

Dr Lothas team concluded that it had been a part, but not the original rover.

“It has all the features of a piece that was actually part of the original lander that crashed on the crater,” he said.

He said it had a small hole in its side, likely a piece from a rover.

The team thought it was likely to be the same piece that had landed on top of the crater in the first place.

When they examined the fragment they found traces that suggested it was part of that rover.

Dr Simeon Zemskiewski, a professor at the University of Sydney who is the author of Crumps Land Rover, said the team’s findings were exciting.

“We have now found evidence that the original crump lander did crash on the craters of the Moon,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“So it’s possible that there is a record of this kind of landing, a complete one.”

He added that the researchers had a lot of questions to answer.

“The story of the Crumps lander and its crew is a pretty extraordinary one,” he explained.

“What was the crew doing, how did they get out?

How did they communicate with the land, what was their destination?”‘

It was a great feeling’Dr Zemski said the story of Crumbs Landing was a little different to what had been told before.

“There’s a lot about this story that is very complex and is a little bit of a mystery, and I think it’s going to continue to be that way for a long time,” he added.

“I think that it was definitely a great experience for me, because we were really able to understand the way in which the team worked and what they were trying to accomplish.”This is

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