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The Indian Land Rover dealership in San Francisco has some great new products on sale, including a new Land Rover Discovery and the new KINGS LAND ROVER.

We caught up with the dealership’s marketing manager, Sam Vavra, to get the scoop on what’s new and what’s coming next.

Here’s what you need to know about the new Discovery and KINGS land rover:• The Discovery is the newest Land Rover model and the first of the brand’s new models to be offered in India.

The SUV is priced at Rs. 25,000 ($3,350), and comes with all the standard equipment including four-wheel drive, blind spot monitoring, satellite navigation, and automatic emergency braking.

The new SUV also comes with a 5.5-inch touchscreen display, the new “L” badge on the dashboard, and a six-speaker stereo.• The KINGS is the latest Land Rover to be introduced in India, which will be the first Land Rover vehicle to come with an in-car digital audio system.

The KGS-100, which has a six MP rear camera and a 16 MP front camera, has a top speed of 100 km/h and is powered by an electric motor.

The engine is a four-cylinder, turbocharged 1.6-liter diesel.

The KGS will also come with the new Land Rovers “Cascade” navigation system, which includes a full suite of navigation features, including blind spot detection, automatic lane departure warning, and turn-by-turn navigation.• New in India are a number of new accessories, including the new Powerpack, which replaces the existing Land Rover Power Pack, and the “Kinsh” battery, which comes with an 8.6 kWh battery.

The battery is expected to last three years and comes in a variety of capacities, from a single day charge to an eight-day charge.

The powerpack also comes equipped with an electric charging cradle and is expected in India by early 2019.

The new PowerPack and KGS battery will be available in the US in September 2019.

The “KINSh” Powerpack will come with both a 6.1-kw electric battery and a 4.6 kW battery, with an average power of 842 kW.

The SUV comes with the KGS Navigation System, which allows the vehicle to automatically navigate on roads with either blind spot or lane departure warnings.

The system uses a combination of voice and laser navigation.

This includes a range of 8,500 meters, which is a lot for a two-wheel-drive vehicle.• With the new Navigation System in place, the Kinsh Battery has been upgraded to a 8.8 kWh battery, offering a maximum range of 15,800 meters.

The vehicle also comes fitted with a “Power Pack,” which allows it to charge up to 5,000 mAh (or 6,000 Wh) using the new 3,000-Wh lithium ion battery.

The vehicle also features an all-new Navigation System which is compatible with the GPS, GLONASS, GLOBALISE, and other navigation services.

It includes a map of the area and its proximity to a parking spot and a map with speed limits, lanes, and speed limits of any other vehicles that are nearby.

The Power Pack and Kinshu Battery are the only new accessories for the SUV that don’t come with a parking space.• A new Power Pack is available for the KMS (Midsize SUV), which has been redesigned to fit the new powerpack.

The MMS-1 features an 8-speeder and dual electric motors, with the maximum output of 1,000 kW.

The electric motor also allows the Kms to reach speeds of up to 60 km/hr (37 mph) on all driving modes.

The two-seater KMS-100 has been updated to have a new Powercharger system that can power up to a combined 6,200 mAh.

The powerpack and the KINSh Battery are also compatible with Bluetooth, but only for voice and cruise control functions.

The navigation system is also compatible to the VIRBON® navigation system.

The brand has also launched the KBS-1 (Large SUV), a four seat SUV that has the same powerpack as the MMS.

The 5.6L V6 petrol engine produces over 450 hp (310 kW) and is paired with a 4-speed automatic transmission.

The car has a range from 12,000 meters to 45,000 meter (80 miles).

The new KGS has been built by the British Land Rover and is built on a platform similar to the BAE Systems D6 SUV.

The vehicles have been launched in India in September 2018 and will be offered across India by the end of 2020.

The Land Rover brand has already launched the D6 and D6 Hybrid in India with a range in excess of 80,

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