Big Fish landing, a lot of water, and lots of fish

Land Big Fish landed a large fish on a helicopter last week in NSW’s Hunter Valley, while another was found swimming in the river on Friday.

Land Big Fish owner Tony McLean said the landing of the lander and the fish took place about 10 kilometres north of Coffs Harbour on the western side of the Hunter River.

“There’s lots of water and it’s a really big fish,” Mr McLean told ABC News.

“We’re very lucky, we were able to capture the fish.”

The lander landed in the Coffs River at around 11:00am on Friday, just hours after it was spotted by a helicopter pilot, Mr Mclean said.

“It’s a big fish, it’s about 6 metres long,” Mr MacLean said.

Mr McLean and his crew then paddled the fish to a boat that would take them back to Coffs.

“After we were done, we got a boat out of the river and we got some fish out of it,” Mr McMillan said.

He said the fish was not in the water as soon as it landed, but it did swim away and eventually went back to the river.

Mr McMillans crew also paddled some of the fish back to its home in the nearby river.

“The whole thing took about 10-15 minutes,” Mr McDonald said.

In all, the landers captured two large fish and one smaller fish.

“This is the biggest catch we’ve had in our area,” Mr McGrillan told ABC news.

“All the fish we caught was around five centimetres in length.”

I think we’ve got about 500 fish.

“Mr McMills boat and crew will be back at the CoffS Harbour today, but Mr Mc Lean said the land crew had already had more fish caught.”

They’ve got a lot more than that,” Mr MacDonald said.

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