‘Land of the Free’: Inauguration Day protests bring hope, but fear

NEW YORK — As a wave of protests against President Donald Trump swept across the country, many Americans have found a way to stay out of the streets.

But the nation’s capital, with its deep-rooted racism and entrenched poverty, has also become a rallying point for those who believe the country must change.

A day after Donald Trump won the presidency, thousands of people protested peacefully in the nations capital, setting up barricades and calling for a rethinking of how America is governed.

“The government is not there to help people.

It is there to protect people,” said protester Lani Guinan, 28, who came from Brooklyn, where she lives.

“It is there for the wealthy, and the rich need the government to be there to make sure they don’t get screwed.”

Demonstrators took to the streets across the U.S. and around the world to call for change in Washington.

Trump has made his name as a critic of the U!

A.P., the Black Lives Matter movement and the Black Panthers, a black nationalist group that was banned from the U-S.

since it staged a hunger strike in 1968.

The president has often used his inaugural address to call on the nation to return to the rule of law.

For Guinann, who is of Haitian descent, the protesters’ protests were a reminder that she can’t turn back time.

She was able to move past the fact that Trump is the president, she said.

I think he’s doing great, she added.

“But I don’t want him to be president forever.

I want him, like, to get impeached and removed from office.”

Guinann said the protesters were trying to push for a more peaceful and orderly future.

At the same time, she acknowledged that many people have been frustrated by the protests.

There are many people who feel they are being left behind, she explained.

Some are not able to pay their bills, and some are having difficulty getting their kids to school.

People feel like they are on the street all the time and not being taken care of,” she said, adding that she wants the government “to come back to the way things were.

“The protests were peaceful, she noted.

Many people in the crowd, though, seemed upset with the protesters.

One man, identified by police as a Trump supporter, was escorted from the protest by a police officer, police said.

Police said a Trump campaign staffer was also taken away.

Protesters had gathered outside the White House to protest the inauguration of Trump, who was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States on Friday.

As of Monday afternoon, the protests were still in progress, according to CNN.

The protesters were chanting and waving signs, and police told them to disperse, CNN reported.

Police also told the crowd that the protest was unlawful.

They were asked to disperse and police began to tear down barricades around the Uptown section of the city, CNN said.

Protesters also held signs reading, “We must change our president,” “No more Trump,” and “Stop Trump.”

The protesters began their march toward the White, House, and Capitol buildings at 10 a.m.

(2 p.m., EDT).

Some chanted “shame on you” as they approached the Capitol building, CNN affiliate WCBS reported.

Police had to break up several demonstrations.

According to WCBS, the National Park Service tweeted that the protesters had damaged some of the structures.

This is the first protest of its kind in Washington, D.C. I am proud to say this is the largest demonstration of its size and size we have ever seen in D.c., it said.

A protest in downtown Washington, DC, was shut down by police at noon (2:15 p.t.


A man was arrested for trespassing, WCBS said.

A protest was also held at the Lincoln Memorial, which is the White house.

The protests started around 2:45 p.f.m (7:45 a.t., EDT) in the Washington Monument.

Around noon, protesters set up a barricade outside the Lincoln memorial.

They chanted, “No Trump, No KKK, No fascist USA,” and held signs that read, “End Trump,” “Impeach Trump,” or “I can’t breathe.”

Protesters gathered at the U of C in Berkeley, California, around 2 p.p.m.(7:30 a.g., EDT), the Berkeley Police Department said.

There were reports of pepper spray being thrown and people being assaulted, the Berkeley Mercury reported.

Police were called to the protest, but no arrests were made, the newspaper said.

The Washington Post said the protest had a banner reading “Resist, We Are the 99 Percent.”

In Portland, Oregon, a demonstration against Trump turned violent

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