How to get the Lego Land rover to Land in Your Garage

It’s a land rover that’s made from Legos.

It’s the kind of product that’s only a matter of time before it’s on sale at a Lego store, or sold at Lego-exclusive shops like Lego Town.

It was made in China, in an assembly line where Lego factories make bricks and other materials and assemble them into Lego sets.

The land rover was created by Chinese toy company, Shenzhen-based Baozhou Electronics, for a special Lego event in March.

The company said the rover will land on a piece of land in a Chinese city, but it didn’t give much else.

It just lands on land.

The rover is called the Land Rover 2, and it was unveiled at the Lego Creator Expo in Beijing last week.

The Land Rover is the latest Lego product to be designed and built in China.

Its predecessor, the Land Rovers from 2014, were made in Germany and assembled in the U.S. It is one of the first Lego products to be built by a company that was based in the European Union and Canada.

Lego’s headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, has a huge collection of Lego sets, and the company has made a name for itself in the hobby.

Its bricks, with Lego logos, are sold in brick shops and toy stores around the world.

Lego has said that its factories in China make the majority of its bricks, and that it has made the Land Reversal rover as part of a global expansion plan.

Bao Zhenghui, a product designer for the Land rovers, told the BBC that he was surprised to find out that Lego had built the land rover in China and that the company would be able to sell it to consumers.

“The first question I got was, ‘Why would you build this in China?’

I thought, ‘Well, maybe the Chinese government is really happy with the idea,'” he said.

“But it turns out it’s a good idea because the Chinese have such a huge interest in it.”

Bao added that the land rovers are not cheap, costing a lot more than a Lego set.

The $40 price tag is for a kit that includes four pieces of land.

Baoshui said the cost for the rover was around 20% of the cost of building a set of the same size.

Brouwer said that it is possible that Lego would have had a similar problem with its previous land rover, the Earth Rovers, which were made by the same company.

“This is a new product for Lego, but the quality is so good that we’ve already done tests on it,” Brouewer said.

Lego said it would build more Land rover sets in the future, and said it was working with the local authorities in China to set up production lines for the vehicles.

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